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Get The Representation You Deserve With FILER | PALMER, LLP Law Firm

As a boutique law firm, FILER | PALMER, LLP is uniquely positioned to provide clients with the experience, expertise, and legal support they need in the areas of criminal defense, family law, personal injury and in business litigation.


A full-service law firm with offices in Long Beach, CA as well as Beverly Hills, CA, FILER | PALMER, LLP offers top quality legal representation and personal service.

To provide the legal support our clients need, our attorneys offer a wide range of legal services. We offer legal advice, aggressive representation and the support needed when our clients are faced with overwhelming challenges.

Practice Areas in Brief

Our attorneys specialize in four major practice areas: Business Litigation, Family Law, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury. These include:

  • Business Litigation – when disputes arise due to a breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duties, business torts or when forming a business or partnership, our business litigation lawyers are here to help. We have successfully represented private individuals, professional athletes, recording artists and entertainers in various commercial and financial matters.
  • Family Law – Our lawyers are trained to handle many areas of family law, including marital dissolution and separation, child custody, visitation and support cases. Our family law attorneys will be your advocates through the proceedings, ensuring your legal rights are protected during this difficult time.
  • Criminal Defense – when charged with a crime, our criminal defense lawyers will provide you with the legal representation you need. Our attorneys will work diligently to gather evidence, develop your defense, and present your case – from arrest to trial. Our lawyers have experience with defending clients with many offenses, including drug offenses, alcohol related crimes, domestic violence charges, theft crimes, violent felonies, probation violation and criminal record expungements.
  • Family Law – family law can include divorce, separation, child custody and support cases, spousal support and cases of domestic violence. Our family law attorney will be your advocate through the proceedings, ensuring your legal rights are protected.
  • Personal injury – a personal injury lawyer can assist if you or a loved one has been hurt because of the negligence or actions of another person, entity, or company. Our car accident lawyer and personal injury legal team are here to assist you in getting compensated for your injuries as well as for the pain and suffering associated with the injury.

When you need an attorney in Long Beach, CA or in Beverly Hills, CA, FILER | PALMER, LLP provides a personalized approach to legal representation. With experience at the state, federal and appellate courts in California, we are here to provide top quality legal representation for all of our clients.

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