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Lance M. Filer

“No other attorney or law firm will outwork my efforts on your case.” – Lance M. Filer

Lance Michael Filer is a founding partner and Chair of the firm’s Criminal Defense, Family Law and “Electronic Business” Practice Groups.

Lance is a third-generation attorney from the greater Los Angeles area.  After receiving multiple awards for academic excellence in law school, Lance began his legal career in Los Angeles and devoted his efforts to ensuring criminal defendants understand the rights guaranteed to them under the federal and state constitution.

Lance has successfully defended many clients charged with probation and traffic violations in California.  He also has successfully processed criminal record expungement requests for many clients seeking to clean up their criminal records.  Lance also serves as the chair of the Electronic Business Practice Group, which primarily assists clients with responding to records subpoenas by working with them to produce documents that may be stored electronically.

Lance will calmly and confidently be by your side to defend and counsel you when the time comes.